D320 L

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About D320 L

Seamlessly switch from source to source or display sources together, overlay them, customize them. With analog and digital outputs which allow for the control of displays, as well as built-in-control software, the D320 L gives you control over everything from basic set-up to configuration and advanced feature control.


  • Advanced multi-window image processing
Provides full control and configuration capabilities for a variety of sources

  • Stacking and chaining
Each D320 Digitizer can be stacked an infinite number of times, allowing up to 4 sources to be displayed on as many screens as there are digitizers in the stack. In addition, the D320’s can be daisy-chained to a maximum of 64 units allowing 256 sources to be displayed on one screen. Combinations of stacking and daisy-chaining are also possible.

  • Source compatibility
Through the BARCO D320 Digitizer, the system is compatible with both analog and digital video formats. The following types of source signals can be received by the D320 :
  - CBVS/S-Video Composite
  - YUV Component (BNC) 
  - RG(s)BHV analog
  - DVI up to UXGA
  - SDI

  • Resolution independence
In addition, the scaling/compressing capability of the BARCO D320 Digitizer and the "Distributed Processing" concept assures compatibility with all resolutions and aspect ratios. No external frame rate conversion is required thereby eliminating the risk of artifacts.

  • Advanced software control
Xlite toolset, a fully featured digitizer control software package provides the following additional functionality.

ViewPort function allows for pixel accurate positioning and sizing of multiple windows on the display. Within ViewPort, there is an option to zoom in and out on each defined window.

Alpha-Blending allows for selected inputs to be transformed into transparent overlays on the screen. The blending ratio can be user defined.

Chroma keying to select keying colours and values to create odd-shaped overlays.

D320 L

D320 L
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