QAWeb for DIN 6868-157

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Effortless compliance with the new DIN 6868-157 standard

  • Automated compliance with DIN 6868-157
  • Incredibly easy and very user friendly
  • Complete but compact reports

Acerca de QAWeb for DIN 6868-157

Designed with DIN in mind 

To ensure optimal image quality and reliability, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) has introduced a new and much stricter standard (DIN 6868-157) – mandatory as of May 2015 – to regulate quality control of medical displays. 

That’s why Barco developed QAWeb for DIN 6868-157: an online service for high-grade Quality Assurance that ensures compliance with the new DIN requirements – without hassle or headaches. DIN compliance has never been this easy! 

Genuinely user-friendly 

With QAWeb for DIN 6868-157, Barco offers a simple solution to a complicated test procedure. The software deals with the complexity of the DIN requirements via comprehensive parameters running in the background. The result is an easy-to-use, straightforward tool for quality control of your medical displays.

QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 automatically optimizes display settings based on viewing conditions, room environment, and application fields. Display quality is tested daily and two times per year, both visually and quantitatively, comparing current values with the reference values from the acceptance test. All test results are reported and saved on a central server for your convenience. 

A perfect match 

QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 works wonderfully together with Barco’s latest diagnostic display families, Nio and Coronis. Thanks to their integrated front sensor and ambient light sensor (external Barco LCD sensor for Nio), the entire quality control process is fully automated. 

Why you’ll love QAWeb for DIN 6868-157

  • Compliance to DIN is exceptionally easy
  • No manual interventions or interruptions
  • Accurate and consistent image quality
  • Maximum uptime of all PACS displays
  • Automated reporting for smooth audits



  • User-friendly wizard for all tests imposed by DIN 6868-157 
  • Acceptance, half-yearly, and daily constancy testing  
  • Scheduled daily visual tests with pop-up notifications
  • Comprehensible, compact but detailed PDF reports. Available online.

QAWeb for DIN 6868-157

Este producto solamente está disponible en los siguientes países: Austria, Germany, Switzerland
QAWeb for DIN 6868-157
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